'Modernization of Public Consciousness' was discussed by Turkish scholars

The Kazakh and foreign experts support the Kazakhstan’s efforts to switch the Kazakh language from Cyrillic to the Latin script. According to Professor of the Beijing University of Nations, Mukhtar Abilkhak, with the help of the Latin script, the young republic will be able to unite all the Kazakhs of the world who write in their native language by using different scripts. Therefore, such a transition is timely and  necessary.


 - When people of one nationality use different scripts for one language, this interferes with the exchange of ideas and cultural unity. This is especially true when it comes to young people. Some Kazakhs do not understand their fellow countrymen living in other countries, for example, in China. Therefore, if Kazakhs of the whole world use one single script, it would be more effective.

The Turkish scholars also discussed the program article of the President of Kazakhstan, Modernization of Public Consciousness. Students from the University of Istanbul were one the first to be introduced to the program. The institution has more than 170,000 students, including Kazakh students and scientists. They also unanimously supported Nursultan Nazarbayev’s initiative.


 - The article ‘Future course: Modernization of Public Consciousness’ gave a new impetus to society. New projects are being implemented. For example, the Latin alphabet extends the scope of the Kazakh language. This strengthens relations between the people of Kazakhstan and the fraternal Turkic peoples in information, cultural and spiritual areas. That's why I believe that this program is very relevant and viable.