Course books in the Latin script have been presented in Kazakhstan

Course books in the Latin script have been presented in Kazakhstan. As part of the experiment, Karaganda State University published four basic textbooks in mathematics, namely "Algebra", "Elementary Mathematics", "Differential Equations" and "Engineering Rheology". The first books have been published in one copy; however, their mass release is planned for the near future. There are about 2 million books in the university’s library. According to specialists, it is quite possible to convert all textbooks into a new Kazakh alphabet. Moreover, the students themselves developed a mobile application named "Audio" that converts texts from Cyrillic to the Latin script without the Internet access.


 - The textbooks converted into the Latin script are designed not only for young students, but also for postgraduates and doctoral students who study here. They will become very popular. We just need to get used to the new Kazakh alphabet, we need to speak correctly, and everyone should meticulously learn all the graphic symbols.