The Kazakh heroic epic ‘Koblandy batyr’ is now available in Azerbaijani language

The Kazakh heroic epic ‘Koblandy batyr’ is now available in Azerbaijani language. The work was translated by Nizami Mamedov-Tagisoy, professor of one of the local universities. The book was published with the support of the Kazakh Embassy in Azerbaijan.


 - The Kazakh people, like the Turkic people, left their mark in the history of the world epic, including the Turkic epos. The Kazakhs have a lot of epic works telling about the life, history, psychology, ethnogenesis, and other aspects of Kazakh people’s life. This epic is also interesting because it opens a panorama of the Kazakh life, Kazakh history, the Kazakh Middle Ages, the Kazakh way of life, Kazakh psychology.

Professor notes that the translation of such works requires special attention in terms of preserving originality. According to him, variants of this epic are also found in literature of other Turkic-speaking peoples. However, the most impressive is the Kazakh narrative about the heroism of Koblandy batyr. This work, the linguist says, demonstrates the unity of the Kazakhs in front of any hardship.


 - I think that the translation is very important. Our university students will learn about the Kazakhs that lived in the Middle Ages, about their heroic sons - batyrs Koblandy, Karaman, Bukembai.

The book was published as part of the implementation of the program article by the Kazakh President "Course towards the Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness." Previously, the lyric-epic poem "Kyz zhibek" and the works by great Kazakh poet and thinker Abai Kunanbayev have been translated into Azerbaijani language.