‘Astana Musical’ theater on tour

"Astana Musical" and the Republican German Drama Theater completed the European tour to Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Vienna and Moscow. The project called "The Great Steppe Theater" was supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and "KazakhConcert" as part of Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The first Kazakh national opera "Kyz Zhibek" was staged in Moscow for the second time in 80 years.

In the distant 1936, legendary Kulyash Baiseitova performed the role of Zhibek in Moscow. On the tour in 2017, artist Inabat Rizabekova fascinated the Russian spectators.


 - It is a great honor for me. I try to justify the trust placed on me. I want to show how Kazakh girls should be, their sincerity, prudence, beauty and purity of thoughts.

Director Askhat Maemirov created his interpretation of music by Eugene Brusilovsky and libretto by Gabit Musrepov. He staged this ethno-folklore musical.


 - Kyz Zhibek is our national treasure. It contains folklore, epic, folk music, the entire golden fund of folk composers. The originality of our musical is that we have put all the musical material of the symphony orchestra into ethno-folklore music. It was a discovery for Europeans.

The performance received a standing ovation. Spectators called artists for an encore.


- Even though I did not understand the language, I was impressed. It was heartwarming.

- They conveyed a great feeling of love.

-  Absolutely amazing! The last time I cried at the theater was about ten years ago, and now in the end I just could not stop. The actors did not act - they experienced true emotions on stage.