"Transition to the Latin script will help the Kazakhs to learn foreign languages"

Transition of Kazakh into the Latin script is discussed and supported by scientists, politicians and experts from different countries. The German Bundestag highly appraises the language reform that Kazakhstan is carrying out. The transition to the Latin script, according to German politician Andreas Jahn, is a far-sighted decision that will help the Kazakhs to learn foreign languages faster and the country to become even more competitive.


 - I think the Latin script will open up great opportunities for Kazakhstan in the future. Young people will be able to quickly learn English or other languages, and it will be easier for foreigners to learn Kazakh. Undoubtedly, transition to the Latin script will have a positive impact on Kazakhstan. IT works on the Latin script, and this sphere is very important in our time. Your state will strengthen its positions in the international arena thanks to the use of such an important tool as the Latin script. Kazakhstan will become more competitive. Therefore, transition to the Latin script is a very wise and far-sighted decision of your President.

Famous Turkish political scientist Kursad Zorlu notes that the transition to the Latin script will facilitate the Kazakh language acquisition. In addition, the expert believes, that the Latin script is more adapted to information technologies, which will allow the Kazakh language to quickly integrate into the global communication space. The professor also paid special attention to the interest of Kazakhstanis in this topic.


- Latin script will expand the scope of the use of the Kazakh language and increase its prestige because in our time the Latin is the basis of the language of technology and information. Therefore, I believe that Kazakhstan made a historic choice in favor of integration and the achievements of modern civilization. Moreover, if you look back to the past, you already have experience in this matter, the Latin script only reinforces the unity. At present, the involvement, active participation of the whole society in the discussion of  the language reform is especially impressive. The new initiative stimulates the public consciousness and gives impetus to spiritual revival.