Mobile application "Zhana Kazakh" was developed In Kazakhstan

Yernar Shambayev has developed the Zhana Kazakh mobile application which converts the Kazakh texts from Cyrillic to a new Latin script. He studied computational linguistics overseas. His app stands out from other apps by its high functionality and speed of translations. His wife was first to try the Zhana Kazakh app. She was the one who suggested an idea to create an assisting app.


- People had written in one way for a long time. It would be hard to switch immediately. Such applications can make a life easier at an initial stage. They will ease the process so these changes can be done and there will be fewer difficulties.

The Zhana Kazakh app can quickly convert any text, whether it is a fiction or a scientific encyclopedia, from Cyrillic to Latin with 100% accuracy.

Yernar Shambayev also created a completely new version of the Togyzkumalakh mobile application. He spent 10 years to create this brain game. He had to learn the entire history and philosophy behind an ancient puzzle game.


- If you are a good American game developer and write a game of another culture, then you will face many challenges without understanding the mentality.

Within the first day over a thousand people downloaded the new app. It is very popular among fans of mind games. They highlight the app’s convenience, content and ease of use.


- The fact that children play all sorts of games like Counter Strike, Zombies and warriors is bad for their psyche. On the other hand, Togyzkumalakh is a mind developing game.

Earlier domestic developers had presented the application. According to the developers, the converter translates texts into Latin in a few seconds, regardless of whether it is a document or a book. The app works offline.