"Transition to the Latin script will promote the competitiveness and facilitate active integration of Kazakhstan"

Transition to the Latin script will promote the competitiveness and facilitate active integration of Kazakhstan into the international community. Moreover, according to experts, the process will foster the development and modernization of the Kazakh language. Kazakhstan will only benefit from this reform. This opinion was expressed by Ukrainian linguist, Professor Ivan Yushchuk. The author of more than 20 innovative textbooks on the Ukrainian language for secondary and higher schools knows the history of the Kazakh language well.


 - Firstly, Kazakhstan has already used the Latin script from 1929 to 1940. I think that an extensive amount of Kazakh books have been published in the Latin script during that time, and probably people remember the script. Secondly, this will not isolate Kazakhstan but in contrary will connect it to the world community. Nowadays, computers, electronics works on the Latin script. The transition and other favorable conditions will bring Kazakhstan closer to Europe and the entire world.

The Latin script is gradually spreading throughout Kazakhstan. Akmola regional newspaper ‘Arka azhary’ with a circulation of almost 8,000 copies will gradually move to the new alphabet. At present, the newspaper founded by Saken Seifullin, publishes small articles and excerpts from the works of Kazakh classics in the Latin script. This year the edition marks its 100th anniversary. The first issue of the newspaper titled "Tirshilik" was published in 1917 in Akmola. Now "Arka azhary" is on the verge of changes.


 - We are introducing the Latin script here. We are planning to publish poems, we will show copies of our newspaper of the 1940s, when we used both the Arabic and the Latin script. We will publish the originals of letters from the front sent by soldiers during the WWII. We want to show that Latin is familiar to the Kazakh society.