Archaeological research

Kazakhstan's territory is rich in archaeological monuments of different eras. The scientific achievements in the study of many historical objects and unique artifacts, discovered by archaeologists on the sites of ancient cities, have gained worldwide recognition. Hundreds of valuable artifacts were transferred to the National Museum in Astana. They belong to the Middle Ages, and the age of some exhibits reaches 4 thousand years. The temporary exhibition features unique artifacts of the proto-city settlement on Ustyurt pateau. These are various utensils and jewelry from the medieval settlements of the southern regions of Kazakhstan and Bronze Age monuments.


- The National Museum and regional museums receive all archaeological finds. For example, I conducted archaeological research in the settlement of Saraishyk. We transferred all the artifacts to regional museums. They are used for various purposes: promotion of scientific knowledge about the ancient and medieval history of our country, promotion of cultural achievements of our ancestors and use of all these objects and artifacts with the purpose of creating a tourism infrastructure.

Scientists are planning to create a museum from the ancient settlement of Iasi-Kultobe in the South-Kazakhstan region, as part of Modernization of public consciousness program. The conservation and restoration will start soon. The settlement is located 350 meters away from the mausoleum of Khoja Akhmed Yassawi. It is a massive mound of irregular oval shape up to 9 meters high, about 150 to 120 square meters in area. Archaeologists are studying all historical periods of the city's life here. As the scientists note, "Iasi-Kultobe" will become another tourist attraction.


- We received a complex of archaeological materials, which prove that this citadel was built either in the first centuries AD or 1-2 centuries BC, but it needs to be clarified. It is necessary to expand the excavations and then we will be able to determine what century the city’s citadel was built.