Transition to latin script

Kazakh philologists, linguists, Turkologists are preparing a scientific and methodological base for transition of the Kazakh alphabet into the Latin script. As the experts note, it may take several years to develop textbooks, dictionaries, and first publications in Latin. script According to experts, it is important to establish joint work with linguists and teachers. Another important stage is the work with the public. It is already being implemented.

Yerden kazhibek, director, baitursynov linguistics institute:

- It is necessary to develop dictionaries and textbooks. All this work should be implemented jointly with the public. Online polls should be conducted among the population.

Language reform will be carried out step-by-step, and the interests of all citizens will be taken into account, scientists say. Work with the normative base will be implemented in accordance with the experience of the Turkic-speaking countries, where people write and read in the Latin script. This, according to experts, will facilitate the transition process.

Yernar masalim, turkologist:

- The transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script is a requirement of the modern time. Most importantly, before Kazakhstan starts this process, specialists should study the experience of the Turkic-speaking countries that use the Latin script. It is very important.

The adopted version of the new alphabet will facilitate learning foreign languages and IT technologies. As a result, Kazakhstani people will integrate into the world community more quickly.

Askar beisenbayev, senate member:

- Firstly, we have used the Latin script before. And I believe that it is closer to us. Secondly, as you know, most of the young people speak English now. Therefore, the transition to the Latin script will not be difficult for them. The older generation will have to learn it. They need to be informed and trained. All these tasks will be solved.

The transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script will be gradually implemented before 2025. This strategic decision is invaluable for the development of the whole society, experts say.