The Latin alphabet has many advantages in IT

Almaty hosted a public council where  experts gave the data that shows annual   introduction of 60 % of international terminology into Latin. Comparing to this, scientific terminologies in Cyrillic is less for 10 times. The Latin alphabet has many advantages in IT. According to specialists, the new Kazakh alphabet takes memory of a computer as twice less as Kazakh in the Cyrillic alphabet. During software programming there is no need to use special libraries which will improve the quality and speed. Experts say that the same thing can be applied for use of smartphones.


- First of all, the Latin alphabet is convenient in the Internet use, when young people communicate with each other. Secondly, when developing software programs, it is possible to collect more information in comparison with Cyrillic. Each code occupies 2 times more bytes in Cyrillic. Therefore, of course, from all points of view the use of the Latin script will give serious progress to us. In addition, this allows us to widely use IT in Kazakhstan.

Director of the Archive of President, Boris Zhaparov claims that the new Kazakh alphabet is convenient to use and it is easy to introduce the script into our lives. Kazakhstan’s younger generation speak English and has long used the Latin script. Therefore, he is confident that there will be no difficulties with the transition. 88 years ago the Kazakh alphabet was first transitioned from Arabic into Latin. This Latin script has been established that even after its abolition in 1940, it was used in personal correspondence for two decades.


- In order to introduce the Latin alphabet into circulation, all organizational and legal topics will be discussed including financial and technical topics. In addition, printing houses are given a time to prepare publications in the Latin. For this purpose, the deadlines will be set.