Transition to Latin script

According to academician Murat Zhurinov, the new Kazakh alphabet is the most functional script ever adopted in the Turkic world. The new alphabet can be easily applied in modern computers, mobile phones and other gadgets. Most importantly, the scientist says that the Kazakh language with the help of the Latin script has taken back the true nature of the pronunciation. Murat Zhurinov claims that now there are only 32 letters in the alphabet and it won’t be difficult to master them since the mechanism of application is quite simple.


- This is the most convenient and simple alphabet. An apostrophe next to a letter means the changed form of the letter. For example, all the nations of the world pronounce the “A” letter as "A". We, Kazakhs, have the "Ә" letter. "A" with an apostrophe signifies "Ә" while "O" with an apostrophe indicates the Kazakh Ө” letter. This is very simple and there is no need to have special education. It is necessary to look at the alphabet a couple of times and then to memorize. Therefore, I want to say that the linguists of the National Academy of Sciences who worked and participated in development of this alphabet adopted the best alphabet in the Turkic world

Famous public figures and political scientists of Kazakhstan believe that the  transition to the Latin script in the era of new technologies is of great importance. They met with the Oskemen youth to explain the need for innovations. According to the data, today more than 85% of the world's population use Latin. The language is a basis for computer programs, robotics and other IT achievements. The participants said that the transition to the Latin alphabet is a step towards world progress.


- The countries as China and Japan, via pinyin and Romaji have already switched to the Latin alphabet. 90% of all new technologies in science are being developed in Latin. Therefore, this will be a significant step in enhancing the intellectual potential of our children.