Transition to Latin Script

Kazakhstan should adopt the best experience of the Turkic-speaking countries when switching to the Latin script. According to Senate member Dinara Nuketayeva, it is necessary to introduce a new alphabet stage by stage: first, carry out information work in the media, then introduce the new alphabet based on the Latin script in preschool classes, translate literature and organize training.


- We should not be afraid of the transition to the Latin script. It is not the transition of the people, it is the transition of the language. The Cyrillic alphabet and other languages will be used as well. At present, many people are supporting the transition, we are happy to see that; from 1929 to 1940, when we were switching to the Latin script, no one knew about our country, about our people.

In the northern Kazakhstan, teachers have already begun to develop new teaching methods. According to teachers, it is necessary to develop a methodological base. The onomastic commission also has a huge amount of work. According to philologists, not only the street names, but also billboards and signboards will have to be replaced. This will let both the older generation and young people adapt to language reform more quickly,.

ZHANAR TALASPAEVA, Candidate of Philological Sciences, PROFESSOR:

- All the street names, advertising materials should be written in the Latin script. People who will see it, read it every day will get used to it, it will be easier for them to learn the Latin alphabet.