Transition to latin script

Transition to latin script

The advantages of the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script are explained by the members of the republican information group. It includes well-known public figures and representatives of the local intelligentsia. They have already visited several regions. In Atyrau, the group members held a meeting with leaders of the youth organizations of the oil region. As representatives of youth noted, the study of the new alphabet will not cause any difficulties for the younger generation. Moreover, the transition to the Latin script will allow faster introduction of modern technologies, and at the same time, the Kazakh alphabet will retain its identity and phonetic system of language.


- The most important thing is that young people in all regions of Kazakhstan support the transition to the Latin alphabet and want to make their practical contribution. You yourself saw that many citizens made specific proposals. Now our group will collect all the proposals of young people not only Atyrau, but also other regions of the country and will submit them for consideration by the state commission.

In the age of globalization, the transition to the Latin alphabet is very important for Kazakhstan. The people of Kazakhstan will become closer to the whole world by using it. It can also accelerate and improve the use of digital technologies in the republic. Members of the information group told about the advantages of the transition at a meeting with the Aktobe residents. After all, 4 billion people are using the Latin alphabet across the world, and 70% of scientific works are published in this script.


- The population supports the transition to the Latin script. But they have some questions. For example, we are asked about what version of the alphabet will be used? Or is it possible to offer the version? We reply that they are approved, but it can be improved. In addition, we say that all proposals will be sent to the appropriate competent authorities.