Transition to Latin script

Transition to Latin script

According to repatriates from China, transition to the Latin script opens new horizons and helps uniting the Kazakhs from all over the world. Moreover, they claim that the Latin script is universal and capable of conveying all the phonetic features of almost any language. The Kazakhs who returned from China and twelve more Turkic-speaking ethnic groups living in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China have been actively using the Latin script for many years.


The vast majority of the Kazakhs living outside their historical homeland know the Latin script well and use it in everyday life. We are very pleased that our country has also switched to the Latin script. Now all the Kazakhs in the world, as well as other Turkic-speaking peoples can better understand each other.

Transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script is widely discussed abroad. Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Roman Greba believes that the transition to the Latin script can transform the country and change the mental code of the state. The expert highlighted that Kazakhstan is taking an important path for its nation and the language reform can become a strong foundation of the national education.


 - Over time, people will adapt very quickly to the new alphabet and there will be no difficulties in its use. I am sure that Kazakhstan is heading towards success on this path.