Transitioning to Latin script

According to German expert on Central Asian countries Gunther Knabe, Kazakhstan’s position in the world will strengthen with the transition to the Latin script. Moreover, he says that the Latin script will also make the Kazakh language more accessible to the world community and it will be easier for foreigners to learn the language.


- It won’t be easy. However, transition to the Latin alphabet is a big and important step. I welcome the introduction of the Latin script and the version passed by the decree of the President. This is a wise decision. This reform will make Kazakhstan stronger and more competitive in the world. The Latin alphabet is very common and it gives many advantages. Undoubtedly, it will unite Kazakhstan with other countries and help make the Kazakh language more accessible for foreigners. They will be able to read and learn your culture. Perhaps, many Germans may want to learn Kazakh.

Kazakh diaspora in Tatarstan supports the transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin alphabet. Members of the Kazakh diaspora claim that one of the significant and large-scale areas of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program contributes to the formation of a new face of the Kazakh culture. They think that children should learn Kazakh in the Latin script from the very early ages.


- Modernization should begin from childhood in order to follow the program initiated by Nursultan Abishevich. The language learning should start from nursery, kindergartens, schools and technical colleges. According to all biological norms related to humans, everything must be set until children turn the age of five and then this will be the basis for further development. The main point is not to be late, start on time, and then there will be a person with a new mindset.