Promoting traditional arts and crafts

107 projects will be implemented as part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program in the Akmola region until 2022. the Kazakh folk arts and will be revived in the region. The Zhaksyn district has already begun to find talented masters. The masters will take part in the “Talent is the way to success” project. One of them is the jeweler Bakhtiyar Belgibayev. It is not only his hobby, but also an opportunity to preserve the secrets of mastery handed by his father. Bakhtiyar performs the main work almost manually. The jeweler admits that in the future he would like to cast modern models of jewelry and accessories made of silver.


- My father made it all the time. He left all for me. Neither my elder brother nor my younger brother could master. Many men came to learn, but they couldn’t. Our ancestors used to make bridles and belts. I keep this tradition and continue my father’s path. If I have a workshop I would always work here.

Now the region is planning for the future. The work of each master will be demonstrated to foreign guests and this will lead to popularizing of the national heritage.


- We plan to organize an exhibition, a presentation of local masters of applied and visual arts and outreach exhibitions to the neighboring districts, as well as solo exhibitions in the Kokshetau museum. We also plan to issue a magazine and to make a film.

Today, the Zhaksyn district has nearly 60 masters of applied art. They mostly make products made of leather, wood and cereals.