Latin alphabet will positively impact all areas of life

During a round table at the National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books scientists said that transition to the Latin script will promote the faster integration of Kazakhstan's culture and science into the world. The participants discussed history of the Kazakh alphabet and also highlighted the great importance of transitioning of Kazakh language to the Latin script for the country’s future development. First of all, experts noted that the adopted version preserves the basic rules of the Kazakh language. They also mention the fact that the alphabet corresponds to the standard English-language keyboard and will not lead to costs.


- This is not something new to us. If we look into our history, we find that our people, fathers and grandfathers as well as our famous writers wrote in Latin. 80% of the world's population use Latin. This is America from the North Pole to the South Pole, Africa and Asian countries. Many countries have transition to the Latin script. We will arrive to this. Therefore, this is a right direction.

Scientists of the Atyrau region are confident that the effect from introducing the Latin alphabet will positively impact all areas of life. Experts say that most importantly the transition will be conducted gradually which will minimize the potential risks.


-This will allow to introduce innovations at higher rates, to increase competitiveness, and human capital. The efficiency and ability to respond quickly to external changes in the modern world are the keys to stability and development which are becoming the strategic meaning for our country.

The translation to the Latin script will occur in phases and will last until 2025.