Transition to Latin Script

Transition to the Latin script will facilitate Kazakhstan's entrance in the list of the most developed countries, German political scientist Matthias Dornfeldt believes. The expert highlighted that the Latinization will open wide opportunities in all spheres, and especially in education.


-I think that the decision to switch to the Latin script is correct. I believe that the reform will help Kazakhstan to integrate into global processes more quickly. Most importantly, Kazakhstan will be closer to its goal - entering the list of top 30 most developed countries. This step also helps in learning foreign languages. Young people will be able to receive good education, which will open great opportunities.

Transition to the Latin script will contribute to Modernization of public consciousness. It will not only open access to the global information space, but will also strengthen cooperation with the Turkic-speaking states, Azerbaijani political scientist Ahmad Alili said.


- It would’ve been good if the phonemes and letters they want to designate in the new alphabet were close to the letters in the Azerbaijani and Turkish languages. The Latin script that we use makes it easier to understand each other. This will contribute to the further development of relations between the Turkic peoples in the Caucasus, Turkey and other parts of the world