Future of Technological Modernization

 Future of Technological Modernization

British students discussed President Nazarbayev’s program article “Course towards future: modernization of public consciousness”. Bolashak scholarship holders noted the importance of the outlined tasks. Master’s student Issatai Minuarov has completed his dissertation on national identity in the University of Manchester. As many Kazakhstan citizens, he supports the transition to the Latin script.


- The first reason, as the president has already said in his article, is rapprochement with the developed Western societies. The Latin alphabet is used in many leading countries. I think that romanization will have a positive effect.

Yerlan Idrisov, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the UK, and Natalia Godunova, secretary of the Nur Otan party, spoke about the qualities that young people should acquire. According to the speakers, the Article of the Head of State is a manifestation of special concern for the spiritual values of the younger generation.


- Those young people who are studying in the world’s leading universities are the drivers of technological modernization of Kazakhstan. They will obtain the latest knowledge and bring the latest technology and networking. They will be implementing the state program of the industrial-innovative development and the program of the digitalization of the economy and other state programs.

The University of Manchester is one of the top British universities, 25 of its graduates have become Nobel Laureates. Currently, hundreds of Kazakhstani students are studying in various programs. Graphene was discovered in this university in 2004. Graphene is a material consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms, which is stronger than steel. In the future, it can change the production and consumption of energy. This year it was presented at the EXPO 2017 in Astana.