As part of the patriotic Tugan zher program, Astana hosted the Kurultai of young leaders

As part of the patriotic Tugan zher program, Astana  hosted the Kurultai of young leaders. The kurultai gathered 36 activists from all over Kazakhstan who study in educational organizations of international public foundation ‘Bilim Innovation’. The activists are presidents of the school self-government. Within two days participants attended the lectures on the program’s article of the Head of State ‘Course towards Future: Modernization of Public Consciousness’ as well as the lectures on improvement of leadership skills. In addition, students presented their social projects. As part of the event, students had the opportunity to visit the Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan, the Majilis building and the Senate of the Parliament, Nazarbayev University as well as the Alzhir Museum and Memorial Complex of Victims of Political Repressions and Totalitarianism.


- Our main goal is to take all the information and all the valuable things given by our organizers and then pass them to other students of our schools. Regarding the topic of this forum, Modernization of Public Consciousness, it is about being aware about goals and work for the benefit of people and the country’s prosperity.