Dos Koshim: We used to write and read in Latin

According to political scientist Dos Koshim, Kazakhstan needs to take into account the experience of neighboring countries in the transition to the Latin script. He met with the Semey residents as part of the state project ‘Kazakhstan’s future in the Kazakh language”. In addition, he told about advantages of the new script and reminded that Kazakhstan already experienced it during the 1930s.


- We used to write and read in Latin. Everybody could understand everything. We had no problems with this script. Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan switched to the Latin alphabet. I must admit that they had difficulties. Uzbekistan conducted the reform twice. Therefore, we need to study their experience and not to repeat their mistakes.

The reform on the new alphabet is a sovereign affair of the state. This was voiced by leaders of national and cultural associations at a meeting in Taldykorgan on further development of the Kazakh language. Moreover, the leaders say that the transition to the Latin script doesn’t violate rights of other languages existing in multinational Kazakhstan.


- Kazakh alphabet has the "h" letter, which is preserved. This letter is left by ancestors so that in the future the younger generation could return to its origins.

Many experts agree that the future generations of Kazakhs won’t have a language barrier to communicate with the rest of the world due to the transition to the Latin script. The Latin script is a universal alphabet and the basis of many languages for international communication and the use of modern advanced technologies.