Final draft of the new alphabet will be presented by the end of the 2017 year

Writers and philologists are discussing the transition to the Latin script. The new project of the Kazakh alphabet is highly discussed, too. Up to date, the use of an apostrophe in transmission of specific sounds is preferable. Kazakh linguist Akhmet Baitursynov was the first to apply this universal sign in Kazakh. Experts say that comparing to digraphs, the apostrophe is understandable and easily adapts to a computer keyboard. The final draft of the new alphabet will be presented by the end of the year.


 - We dont need a special program to type letters in the Internet. A computer keyboard has a sign of the apostrophe. Comparing to digraphs, it will be easier to read and write in Kazakh as well as to learn the language.

According to member of the Maslikhat of the Atyrau region Alexander Dumler, not only Kazakhstan will benefit from the transition to the Latin script but also the rest of the world can learn about Kazakh people and Kazakhstan in much easier and faster ways.


 - The world is eager to know about Kazakhstan. Owing to the Latin script, it will be easier and much faster to learn about the country. First of all, the transition to the Latin script is about Kazakhstan’s step to open a gateway to the world community. This concerns culture, economy as well as all-round ties in all areas. Kazakhstan is unambiguously and deeply integrated into the world community.

Experts and the public representatives agree that the transition to the Latin script will open new opportunities for the country. For example, the Latin alphabet accelerates the country’s integration into global processes of international relations, popularizes the country, its culture and heritage and improves quality of education.