Project ‘zhangyru’ on corporate training

Kazakhstani specialists are learning about new project management methods. Seminars are held in Astana as part of the "Zhangyru" Corporate Training Project. Its goal is to develop human capital by providing knowledge, skills and competences in the field of personal leadership, successful business and social entrepreneurship. Participants are entrepreneurs, civil servants, employees of national companies and representatives of NGOs from the age of 21 to 35 years. The training program includes seminars on marketing, networking, lean manufacturing, self-management, business law and other topics.


- The project "Zhangyru" fits into the President's address "Modernization of Public Consciousness" regarding competitiveness, education, openness of consciousness. In our seminars, we share the world’s best experience in project management, we tell about it. These are the best global project management practices that allow you to get results quickly.

The participants of the "Zhangyru" project will also be able to participate in the contest to resolve the proposed business cases. The winner will receive a scholarship for MBA program