A monument to Abai's father was erected in East Kazakhstan region

Preservation and promotion of the historical heritage of the nation is one of the purposes of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. Kostanay school and university students attended a scientific and practical conference where they learnt about a famous commander who lived in the Kazakh steppe in the 18th century. Russian and Kazakh scientists noted that Shakshak Zhanibek batyr’s campaign played an important role in the liberation of the northern lands from the zhungars. The development of trade relations with Russia is another merit of the Torgai native, researchers believe. The 15-meter monument was erected in the regional center to commemorate the famous batyr.


 - Shakshak Zhanibek is one of the legendary sons of the Kazakh nation. He was a very skillful commander, a strategist and his squad achieved victory over the enemy. Kazakh nation is endlessly grateful for this feat. He fought for the unity of the people, for the independence of the Kazakh lands. We are making a worthy contribution to the implementation of the Modernization of public consciousness program by erecting the monument.

The monument of Kunanbai Oskenbaiuly, the father of the great Kazakh poet Abai, was erected in the East Kazakhstan region as part of the ‘Native Land’ program. The monument is made of copper. Kunanbai was not only a judge; he was also engaged in charity. These and other facts about the life of Abai’s father can be learnt from the book about Kunanbai that was presented in a local library.


 - We want to tell the public about who Kunanbai was. Very few things were known about him. The young generation should know about their great countryman.

A mausoleum was built in the Kerbulak district of Almaty region in memory of one of the influential 18th-century biys of Zhetisu, Zhalaiyr Akbuyim Kulzhabai biy. Stories about the talented poet, healer and sage passed from generation to generation. Residents of the Karashoky village held a commemoration ceremony in the mausoleum.


 - Mainly the elder generation knows about Kulzhabai biy. Now the mausoleum will let the younger generation know about their historical heritage, and why this land is sacral. It is because of such great people who had lived here, the Great Silk Road passed through this territory, Shokan Ualikhanov was here.