Presented the book "The Fifth Dream" of the famous TV journalist Gadilbek Shalakhmetov

 Presented the book

According to experts, The Fifth Dream by publicist and famous Kazakhs TV journalist, Gadilbek Shalakhmetov is a documentary narrative about people and fates, values and traditions set with the spirit of Modernization of Public Consciousness. The National Academic Library hosted the presentation of the new book. It includes the conversations between Russian philosopher Nikolay Chernyshevsky and Kazakh enlightener and politician Makash Bekmukhambetov who met in 1886 in Astrakhan. The author tried to revive the conversation of the leading figures and convey about the friendship between the Kazakhs and Russians. According to the writer, he aims to show the significance of cultural ties. The Fifth Dream describes important events of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries occurred on the territory from the Caspian Ural-Volga interfluve to modern Astana.


 - They thought and discussed about the future.  Chernyshevsky wrote a letter to his wife, to quote "I met a wonderful person, the Makash ruler. I think Russians and Kazakhs together will achieve what they want.” In his famous book "What is to be done?" the heroine has four dreams. I wrote The Fifth Dream. What does it mean? The fifth dream is our life today, how everything turned out for us.

Previously, the Moscow State Linguistic University in Russia hosted the first presentation of the book.