Restoration of Sultan Bahadur’s residence

The Pavlodar region hosted the opening ceremony of Sultan Sultanmukhamed Bahadur’s residence which was restored according to old schemes and drawings. Local historian Vitaliy Sirik had studied Sultan Bahadur’s biography and role in the Irtysh history for his entire life. The historian was the first to find approximately 400 ancient documents including manuscripts, reviews and description of the most important events as well as diplomatic correspondence with the imperial court written in Arabic and the Old Church Slavonic.


- Every trip still results in findings: new facts and new documents. We expect that it will be possible to find the year of Sultan Sultanbet’s death and the place where he was buried. This place is unknown and we should work on that.

The activists’ idea to restore the residence of Sultan Bahadur was realized owing to the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The scientific and historical complex consists of three buildings: a laboratory of sacred geography, a blockhouse for conducting archaeological reconstructions and a main building for the regional office of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The Pedagogical Institute provided the land for the construction of the building as well as offered the scientific support.


- Thanks to the Modernization of Public Consciousness program, we see a huge surge of interest in history, culture and traditions of our country including such iconic figures like Sultan Sultanbet. The construction of the residence is just a beginning. We plan to direct our scientists to China in order to search for additional things.

In the spring, with the support of the Pavlodar river port and the Khabar Agency, scientists went to the first scientific expedition to the Sultan Island which was once the residence of Sultan Bahadur. Now it is planned to conduct large-scale archaeological excavations.


- These names come to us from the depths of the past in the name of our present. I’m grateful to all volunteers. The residence was restored in a few months which was built at the behest of Catherine II near Abylai Khan's residence.

Sultan Sultanmukhamed, known as the Sultan Sultanbet, received the Bahadur status, the highest honor of military merit, for heroism in battles with Dzungarian troops. He was a prominent politician who masterfully resolved all territorial conflicts. Scientists claim that his role in history is still waiting for its worthy appraisal.