More than 100 versions of the Kazakh alphabet in the Latin script were submitted to the A. Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics

More than 100 versions of the Kazakh alphabet in the Latin script were submitted to the Akhmet Baitursynov Institute of Linguistics. Experts are seriously considering only the two options. Specialists are facing the task to create the alphabet not only correct in terms of linguistics, but also understandable and accessible to everyone. At a conference on this topic, scientists are considering the process of transition to the Latin alphabet by taking into account the peculiarities of the Kazakh language.


 - However, the main discussion is subject to two kinds: the Internet version and the linguistic project. I think that based on these projects that were submitted to the Institute of Linguistics, it is necessary to choose the most effective options for grapheme. When we confirm our script in Latin, we teach not only ourselves, but also children and elder people. All generations must take into account the needs of our population.

Philosophers and philologists discussed the language reform at the meeting “Implementation of the program, Modernization of Public Consciousness.” The transition of the Kazakh language to the Latin script is one of the most exciting issues for all Kazakhs. Experts also associate advantages with the prospects of trilingualism in the country. The locomotive of this modernization is the younger generation.


- First, we should integrate into the world community in terms of culture, economy, intelligence and innovatations. Secondly, we should not lose our national identity. We need to know who we are, to know our history and to stand firmly on our native land.