Transition to the Latin script is the outcome of globalization

Transition to the Latin script is the outcome of globalization. According to Gulsum Massakova, teacher of the Kazakh language in Humboldt University in Berlin, the new script will help students learn the language faster. The Latin script will make learning Kazakh easier.


- Before learning the Kazakh language, students have to learn the Cyrillic alphabet. Transition to the Latin script will help develop the Kazakh language and will simplify the learning process. The Latin script is more convenient for foreign students learning Kazakh. It will also foster the development of the Kazakh language in such spheres as IT, equipment and technologies.

According to the president of the Polish educational foundation Waldemar Sivinski, the Latin script will open new opportunities for Kazakhstan citizens, and the country will have great development opportunities.


 - It is very good that Kazakhstan made such decision because this will promote a wider inclusion of the culture of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh poetry, books in the world system. This will speed up the development; this is the most important thing. The Latin alphabet will help in this. You will simply be included the Latin script community, and it will be easier for us all to learn more about Kazakhstan, your culture, your poetry, your books, your achievements. This is a very good solution!