Nazarbayev University scientists develop smart meters

Nazarbayev University scientists have developed smart meters. A group of researchers led by professor Mehdi Bagheri has invented a system that allows tracking energy consumption. According to the scientist, this device can be installed in apartments or residential complexes as well as large enterprises and shopping centers. The system is based on the Internet of Things technology, which collects energy consumption data online and sends them to the consumer. Such monitoring makes it possible to monitor real electricity consumption level as well as save money on electricity bills.

“This meter is able to give advice to the consumer that, for example, you are exceeding from predetermined value of the energy consumption today. You can manage your actual energy consumption or there is a possibility to put a limit. For example, you can set a bill for yourself, maybe 20 dollars per day for the electricity. Basically, the system is giving you a warning,” said Mehdi Bagheri, Professor of School of Engineering and Digital Sciences at Nazarbayev University.

The smart meter prototype assembled at professor Bagheri’s laboratory is already working, but its mass production requires investments. According to professor Bagheri, private energy companies, venture capitalists, or the state could invest in such a development.