Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport tests smart helmet with thermal imaging

A peculiar health worker with a white gown, helmet and camera appeared at the airport of Kazakhstan’s capital. The man with the helmet immediately attracts the attention of both arrivals and people who meet them. This is not a visitor from the future, this is a technological breakthrough of foreign inventors, a brilliant assistant in detecting infected people – a smart helmet with thermal imaging.

“It consists of a camera and a thermal imager, which will record body temperature of any person: those who arrive, those who leave, that is, everyone on the airport’s territory. The doctor sees a person through the camera, while the thermal imager records temperature,” said Zaure Ilyassova, Acting Head of the Health Center at Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport.

The health worker who has jokingly been called a RoboCop just needs to watch the passers-by; the device does all the work. It measures the temperature of 40 people in a few minutes at once. The health worker doesn’t even need to get closer to them, because the helmet can detect how much the temperature is higher than the stated 36.6°C at a distance of 10-20 meters. Although, there is just one such device at the airport of Nur-Sultan, it is being tested.

“This helmet is still being tested. It is already the third week. We use the helmet in VIP halls. It is not used in the common rooms yet,” added Ilyassova.

Some countries have not only heard about the know-how, but even widely use the new helmets. For example, people can see the experts in black helmets in the airports of Qatar, Dubai and China. In the latter country, the device is intensively used by police officers. As it turned out, the temperature measurement is not the only function of the helmet. It can also recognize employees by their ID cards and their cars. That is why the price of the smart helmet with thermal imaging is appropriate – nearly US$10,000.