48 percent of coronavirus medicines is produced in Kazakhstan

48 percent of coronavirus medicines is produced in Kazakhstan, said Kazakh Health Minister Alexey Tsoy at the Government’s meeting. He informed that the conclusion of long-term contracts with domestic producers for up to ten years would allow to increase the local production of pharmaceuticals.

“From 2009 to 2020, 88 long-term contracts were concluded for the supply of 5,042 medical products and devices as part of the procurement by a single distributor. Products made in Kazakhstan worth more than 312.4 billion tenge (US$731.2 million) have been procured over ten years. Products of domestic manufacturers make up over 30 percent of the volumes purchased by the single distributor. 48 percent of COVID-19 medicines is produced in the country,” Alexey Tsoy said.

Alexey Tsoy also spoke about the measures to prepare for the possible second wave of coronavirus infection. According to the minister, an irreducible two-month supply of medicines is formed in the warehouses of the republic. In addition, 44 scarce types of medicines worth 8.2 billion tenge (US$19.1 million) that are in high demand for treatment of COVID-19 are being purchased. They will cure nearly 60,000 patients in hospitals per month.

“An irreducible two-month supply of medicines is being formed in warehouses. As of October 15, 37 types of medicines worth 5.92 billion tenge (US$11.9 million) were already procured,” the minister added.


Photo: coronavirus2020.kz