99 percent of Kazakh population to have access to broadband internet by end of 2020

99 percent of Kazakh population to have access to broadband internet by end of 2020

In the next few months, 99 percent of the population will have access to broadband internet service. This refers to all the settlements of Kazakhstan with more than 250 inhabitants, Chairperson of the Telecommunications Committee of Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Vitaly Yaroshenko stated. He also explained that this does not mean that villages with a population of 250 people will be left behind. The issue of providing small settlements with the internet access will be resolved within three years. To date, 855 Kazakh villages remain without internet connection.

“To date, broadband internet networks have already been built in 4,646 out of 6,459 settlements. That is, there are 6,459 settlements in the country and more than a third of which are provided with broadband internet connection. I would like to emphasize that 18.2 million people live in these locations, which is 97.3 percent of the country’s population,” Yaroshenko explained.

He added that currently specialists are working on a list of villages where it is already possible to lay internet connection. As for education, school students in such non-urban areas will continue traditional in-class learning, that is, they will study offline.

“The Republic of Kazakhstan ranks ninth in the world in terms of area and 65th in terms of population. We have six people per square kilometer. Less than one percent of the population lives in these villages, but the costs of maintaining and building the internet network there are comparable to those of ordinary urban and large settlements. Therefore, in the first instance, we are doing the ‘250+’ project. The ‘250-’ project will be implemented a little later. As for distance learning, these issues are being worked out with Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science. Even in those villages where there is access to broadband internet, the kids will still go to school, they will not study remotely,” Yaroshenko stressed.

Photo: holidayhomesclub.ru