Over 60 projects participate in this year’s KazRoboProject competition

Over 60 projects participate in this year’s KazRoboProject competition

For four years in a row, the competition of scientific and technical projects ‘KazRoboProject’ looks for young, talented and curious robotics engineers from all regions of Kazakhstan. This year it was held in a remote format. However, it did not reduce the interest among the youth. More than 90 people participated in the competition, and this is more than 60 projects. The presentation and defense of the projects will also take place online.

Behind each work are two students and one supervisor. During the process, the participants master the basics of designing devices, reading circuits, assembling robots and programming developed models. They learn the basic components of robo constructors and their functionality. At the same time, they acquire the skill to create their own projects as well as pay attention to the financial part.

“Goal-oriented and systematic preparation of a school or university project for possible real-world applications should lead students to understand the fundamentals of rationalization activities and lay the foundation for further professional development. We dream that in the future our guys will choose professions related to scientific, engineering and technical fields and will take Kazakhstan to a new level of economic development,” said President of KazRobotics Federation Aizhan Zhekeyeva.

Participants of the robotics championship are children from 10 to 15 years old and from 16 to 21 years old. All of them will compete in two categories: Concept and Prototype. The first one is the layout of the device and the latter is the more developed model of the project. This means that the projects can really find implementation in the future. The jury is currently selecting the best works. According to the press office of Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan, the winners will be awarded in September. 


Photo: lenta.inform.kz