Current pandemic speeds up digital transformation in Kazakhstan

Current pandemic speeds up digital transformation in Kazakhstan

The year of 2020 gave a major impetus to the accelerated development of smart technologies in Kazakhstan. Experts say that initiatives related to digital transformation have been taken more seriously in recent months. To date, according to the ‘Zerde’ National Infocommunication Holding specialists, more than 100 such projects are being implemented in the country. They cover almost all spheres of life. However, the main emphasis is on public services. Experts believe that all of them should be digitalized. This means that in the near future many institutions that had not previously even thought about changing the format of their work will eventually start providing online services.

“The officials of Kazakh cities have begun to understand more that the digital transformation is very important and they have begun working more actively in this direction. This year we observe a greater activity of the cities. We, literally, on a daily basis talk to each other, exchange experience between the cities and central government bodies. There is a deputy mayor or governor in every city that is responsible for the digital transformation. Starting this year, such initiatives are taken more seriously,” said Deputy Chairperson of Zerde National Infocommunication Holding Ayan Dyussebayev.

First of all, the cities should become more convenient for people, experts say. In other words, the digital transformation should affect all areas of life and make provided services easily accessible, just by one click of a computer mouse. 

“Transport projects are currently underway. The introduction of online payment system for public transport is one of them. Land issues are actively digitalized – land distribution through digital services. There is a goal set for this year to digitally transform all of these services. Of course, the work is underway on automation of public services as part of state programs,” Dyussebayev noted.

Moreover, many projects are aimed at ensuring safety in the cities of Kazakhstan. The projects include the introduction of additional surveillance cameras, and not only on the roads, but also in public places. In total, digital technologies are being implemented in 11 spheres of human activities. The Holding assured that this work will further continue.

“A lot of work is also being done in the field of healthcare and education. The current global pandemic has shown that it is necessary to strengthen the work on digital transformation and distance learning. For example, the introduction of online educational platform is currently under consideration,” Dyussebayev concluded.