AIFC offers establishing EduTech Center and Educational IT Alliance

AIFC offers establishing EduTech Center and Educational IT Alliance

New skills for new times – the digital economy needs professionals of the new formation. The strategic question for countries around the world is how to make their citizens competitive, namely, how to effectively develop human capital? After all, the level of the development of human capital is a catalyst and guarantor of the dynamic development of the entire economy. Kazakhstan too gives high level of attention to this topic. 

“The development of human capital is no longer just the task of the relevant government departments and educational institutions. Human capital is an urgent agenda and acute challenge for all sectors of the economy from small businesses to large holdings and national companies,” said Governor of the Astana International Financial Centre Kairat Kelimbetov at the government session.

Previously unfamiliar words such as EdTech, HR Tech, TalentTech are taking on quite tangible forms in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Large-scale initiatives are being created around the globe, such as the ‘One Million Arab Coders’ program in the United Arab Emirates, which aims to help the population of the Middle East countries develop the technological skills necessary for employment.

The AIFC, in turn, proposes to scale appropriate the experience of a Singaporean program. The AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development successfully adapted the program for training professionals in the financial industry.

“The key aspects of this program are the continuous professional development on-the-job, the application of the project approach and active teaching methods as well as the applied nature of training programs due to the close interaction of the industry and the academic educational community,” Kelimbetov emphasized.

Meantime, experts propose increasing basic digital literacy of Kazakh residents at the Center for the Development of Educational Technology Programs – the EduTech Center. 

“It is important to develop modules of different intensity and duration for different levels of competence. In our opinion, this initiative can reach more than one million of people in the next five or 10 years,” Kelimbetov said.

The Educational IT Alliance, in turn, will have to deal with the training of highly qualified IT specialists who will be able to compete in regional and world markets. Experts believe that it is important to train at least 50,000 Kazakh citizens by 2025. It is proposed to create the Alliance on the basis of existing projects, including the Astana IT University, ‘Alem’ Coding School and ‘QWANT’ High-Tech School.

“In addition, the work is currently underway on reaching the agreement between the AIFC and the World Economic Forum on the creation of the affiliate Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the basis of the AIFC, which can also actively participate in the activities of the Alliance,” Kelimbetov informed.