Large-scale project “Digital education” to be launched in Kazakhstan

Large-scale project “Digital education” to be launched in Kazakhstan

School students in Kazakhstan will study coding languages from the 1st grade. A new project “Digital education” will be launched next year, reported Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov at a Government’s meeting.

“Outdated school curriculum of Information and Communication Technologies began from 7th grade until 2013. A coding language has been introduced since 5th grade. We upgraded the education programs in stages. Now, starting from 2019, students study STEM-elements, 3D printing, robotics and information security from 3rd grade. They will study advanced coding languages from 1st grade starting from 2021,” he noted.

He informed that children study operating systems IOS, Android as well as programming languages Python, с++. For this purpose, the country’s regional centers opened 25 new special IT lyceums, 447 STEM laboratories and about 2,000 robotics rooms. Askhat Aimagambetov spoke in details about the project “Digital education”. Its main goal is to improve the literacy of the population in terms of digital technologies.

“The project involves three main areas such as basic digital competencies, training of specialized IT staff and employees of other fields in combination with IT competency. New experts with deep IT knowledge will appear via this project’s results,” the minister said.

He added that students in medicine, agriculture, construction, law and other fields should master the so-called digital competencies. This way they will become interdisciplinary experts. More than 400 employees of “digital competency” will graduate every year. The minister concluded that educational institutions of all levels will train more than 3 million experts of the new formation by 2030.