Siri and Alexa to speak Kazakh language

Siri and Alexa to speak Kazakh language

Scientists of the Institute of Smart Systems and Artificial Intelligence at Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan invite volunteers to read sentences in Kazakh language aloud and create a voice database. They are planned to be used in speech and synthesis recognition technologies in Kazakh. According to the Nazarbayev University press service, examples are virtual assistants Siri, Alexa and Cortana.

“Participation of people in this project is very important. Scientists need to collect voice data from the population for this project. Participants will need to follow the link, read the instructions and read aloud the sentences in Kazakh, which will be displayed on the screen. The collection of the voice data is currently well underway,” reported the university.

The project’s developers said that the more people take part, the faster scientists will be able to develop new programs. Everybody can participate an unlimited number of times. Follow the link to take part in the project.