‘Zheti kazyna’ mobile app launches in Kazakhstan

‘Zheti kazyna’ mobile app launches in Kazakhstan

Preservation of national customs and traditions, as well as scientific, literary, cultural and spiritual achievements of Kazakh people is the main purpose of the ‘Zheti kazyna’ mobile application. The new IT product provides the Internet users with the information about Kazakhstan in the format of a mobile encyclopedia. Developers say that the application can be installed on a smartphone or a tablet by downloading it on the Android or iOS platforms. 

“In the ideology of Kazakh people, the concept of ‘zheti kazyna’ (seven treasures) holds a special place. Number seven has become truly sacred for nomads. Kazakh people have many names and sayings associated with this number – seven laws, seven symbols, seven galaxies and seven generations. Since ancient times, there used to be seven necessary components of life of a Kazakh man: a smart wife, a fast-footed horse, a hunting golden eagle, a faithful dog, good weapons, a hunting trap and a cauldron. All this wealth, these treasures were called ‘Zheti kazyna’. These philosophical concepts formed the basis of a mobile application of the same name,” said Azat Shauyeyev, Director of the State Language Development Fund.

‘Zheti kazyna’ mobile application consists of seven sections, including ‘Sacred meanings of numbers’, ‘Seven shrines of the Kazakh people”, ‘Rites. Traditions. Way of Life’, ‘Folk Wisdom’, ‘National Works of Art’, ‘Wonders of the Great Steppe’, and ‘Legacies of History’. The mobile application is available for users in Kazakh and Russian. The unique app contains maps, charts, diagrams, portraits and photographs. Experts say that the encyclopedia is written in an interesting, entertaining and accessible language. The information that is presented there will not only broaden one’s horizons, but also contribute to civic education and help foster patriotism among the younger generation. 



Photo:  fnn.kz