Investors see potential of Kazakh IT projects: young developers receive US$100,000 to promote their app

Investors see potential of Kazakh IT projects: young developers receive US$100,000 to promote their app

Quarantine gave an impetus to the development of IT-startups. Thousands of ideas that were implemented into dozens of ongoing projects have been born over the remote working period. Those that appeared on the market at the end of last year were also developed. One of the successful startups is a parental control via mobile application that spreads around world platforms at the moment. A young team managed to attract US$100,000 of angel investments. Now the founders are working on scaling up their project. In an interview to Kazakh TV, co-founder of geotracking services Asat Ashamanov told about what new chips will appear in the application, how interesting the project will be to children abroad and whether it is possible to earn money by investing in your own idea.

The mobile app has been extremely popular among Kazakh users since early February. It allows parents to be calm for the safety of their children, knowing where they are, and motivates children to do useful things in self-development in studying, sports or just help around the house.

“To date, we have more than 170,000 downloads of the application, including 20 percent from Kazakhstan, 74 percent from Russia and 6 percent from CIS and European countries. A total of 26,000 active users have been registered since the launch of our app. We hope to help make the life of our current users even easier and look forward to attract more,” said Asat Ashamanov.

Developers are going to enter the world market. Ashamanov said that they plan to promote the app among users of the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel. The application was translated into 11 languages. The investments that the inventors managed to attract will go to the further development of the technological part of the product. The app will have many new functions and interesting “motivations” for children very soon.

“This summer we introduce interactive competitive online games on erudition and logic. Prizes for children come from our partners in children's retail stores. Currently, we are actively communicating with children's stores to invite them to become our partners. They give prizes to our customers and in turn receive advertising of their store on our entire user base,” commented the developer.

Before launching their project, the startupers analyzed foreign applications. It turned out that nearly 10 to 15 percent of children actively use an app made abroad, the rest of them are not interested at all. There is one significant feature that Kazakh application has and analogues do not: Kazakh developers realized that they need to focus on children.

“We strive to atttact users three times better than competitors. Parents think that when a child plays games on the phone, he degrades. Who of the adults would not want the children to develop in their free time? We solve key problems comprehensively via our application,” said Asat.

The innovators plan to enter the world market of mobile apps this year. They expect two million downloads in the next six months. Involvement of users should be at least 30 percent. This will make the developers not only become recognizable at world platforms, but also receive dividends of a paid subscription to the extended version of “Premium”. The Kazakh startup is a participant in the acceleration programs of Astana Hub.