New trends of exhibition industry: the largest Asian trade fair to be held online

New trends of exhibition industry: the largest Asian trade fair to be held online
Coronavirus pandemic continues to make adjustments in all sectors. Social distance, self-isolation and epidemiological control are becoming new standards of the modern society, while digital transformation and efficiency of know-how introduction are trending in the world economy. In other words, the most advanced in technologies and reforms remain in business. The universal switch to the online format changes strategies of major figures of the exhibition industry.
“We did not just create our fair’s website. We have come up with a brand-new idea and business process, using the internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Instant messaging tools and up to five million individual chat rooms will provide seamless communication between all participants,” said Xu Bing, spokesperson of the China Import and Export Fair.

New offers only inspired entrepreneurs. They plan to conduct full online broadcasts. The businesspeople said that this would be more effective.

“We don't have time or location limitations. We produce machine tools and other equipment. We could show only our oversized devices to customers at the exhibitions before. Now Internet users will see not only our equipment of all sizes, but also the entire production process,” commented the event participant Gu Jin.

Experts said that the switch to e-format could completely transform the entire exhibition industry. Now a beautiful stand, a good location and a large area of the pavilion cease to play a key role. Promotion depends solely on the characteristics of a product, which can be presented simultaneously to customers from all over the world.