3D printing gains momentum in Kazakhstan

3D printing gains momentum in Kazakhstan
In recent years, there has been a rapid development of three-dimensional printing, including in Kazakhstan. Currently, 3D printing is used not only for manufacturing of household items or toys, but also in industrial sector, construction and other areas of the economy. 
A company located in Almaty is specializing in 3D printing and has already found its niche. Since 2015, the company has been manufacturing models and prototypes of any complexity. They make exhibition, rail and air layouts, as well as models of houses, roads and bridges, machinery and equipment, industrial facilities and many others.
“Our workshop makes models of cities, districts, localities and equipment of different scales. We make both small 20x20 centimeters layouts and large ones that are several meters in length. A model is first decomposed into elements in special computer programs, then it is cut from materials on the machine and only then it is manually assembled by our masters. This work requires precision and tenacity,” said Irina Abasova, commercial director at the company.
Experts are using in production high-quality plastic for various purposes and with different characteristics. The 3D printing company in Almaty is very mobile and is willing to evolve and keep up with the times. The company workers said that the 3D printing area as a new technology requires constant development. The company managed to adjust to the conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The company offered a transparent face shield as a personal protection equipment against coronavirus.
“Having seen the news that Italian engineers designed and manufactured plastic valves for ventilators on a 3D printer, I offered the same help to our hospitals through my social media pages. This caused a great response among my followers, and they started sending me links to the plastic products and devices, which would be useful in the fight against coronavirus, that they found on the Internet. So, we came across the idea of making plastic protective face shields,” Abasova said.
The production of the plastic face shields has already been established within the company. First of all, the company supplies personal protection equipment to the health workers of Almaty and then it sends them all over the country. After receiving the declaration of plastic masks’ compliance with the requirements of national legislation, the demand for their product increased sharply. The declaration made it possible to sell the shields to the countries of the Customs Union.
Another Kazakh company also intends to conquer Central Asian states and even Europe. They also work in 3D printing. Experts say that this area gives a lot of opportunities. High-quality production materials, including those from the domestic producer, make it possible for the 3D printing companies to keep affordable prices.  The company uses environmentally friendly plastic to make spare parts for the equipment, as well as the prototypes of industrial objects and medical products. It’s been several years already since the company launched a full cycle of production from 3D modeling to 3D printing. There are many plans ahead, including projects on city scanning and creating a weekly updated 3D map.
“We’ve already had one such project. We scanned the mountains, where our clients planned to install 150-meter-long wind generators. So, we scanned the entire territory. Then, with the help of other contractors, we measured the wind speed and so on. It turned out to be a good map that helps clients to find a better location for the project,” said Rassul Rysmambetov, the project development manager.
Experts say that the innovative solutions in the 3D field are coming up in the near future. This will change the life of the mankind by 180 degrees. Kazakh companies that chose new technologies as their direction are ready to keep up with the times.
Photo: 3dtoday