Kazakh citizens to access personal documents through mobile application

Kazakh citizens to access personal documents through mobile application

Digital transformation in progress – soon Kazakh residents will be able to leave the paper versions of several important documents at home. If necessary, they will present them digitally by using their smartphones.

“Last week I published a post about the digital documents that were available through the eGov mobile application, as well as those that will be added after the adoption of the corresponding law. To my question ‘What other documents would you like to have in your smartphone?’ I received quite a lot of proposals. That is why the new list was made,” posted Kazakh Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry Askar Zhumagaliyev on his Facebook page.

It is planned to include 11 documents in the list presented by Zhumagaliyev, including passport, driver’s license, student ID, transport registration certificate, military ID, diploma, weapons permit, pension certificate, hunting permit, disability certificate and real estate registration certificate.

“We sent letters to the relevant government authorities to add a number of these documents into the mobile application. We proposed them to consider the possibility of conducting the necessary integration. We plan to discuss the issue at the next meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission to accelerate this process,” Zhumagaliyev explained. 


Photo: baigenews.kz