33 startups become participants of Astana Hub program

33 startups become participants of Astana Hub program

The global labor market imposes its conditions. Nowadays many people want to learn new skills without leaving home. Realizing this need, Kazakh startupers Abylai Sarmantai and Azamat Khassenov launched a project. They created an online academy where students have an opportunity to get education remotely. The platform provides such disciplines as Data Science and Web Development. In the future, the inventors plan to launch an education in disciplines of IT and Digital professions that involve web design, mobile development, motion design and others. The platform includes nearly ten core courses on various disciplines that last from four to 12 months.

Those participants who mastered the programs will even be assisted in getting a job. The project authors said that the best students will have an opportunity to have an internship in the leading local and foreign companies.

“The country needs this project, because it makes learning for the most popular professions more accessible and better. High cost, low level of education in universities in the field of IT, remoteness from major cities such as Nur-Sultan and Almaty as well as the lack of free time greatly complicate the life of Kazakh people when mastering these professions. Similar foreign online courses are much more expensive and they do not help looking for a job in Kazakhstan,” said one of the project’s authors Abylai Sarmantai.

Beimbet Babiyev created another educational project to help people in Kazakhstan to go to universities abroad. It also improves the work of educational agencies. The system developed by the startuper aims to facilitate access for Kazakh citizens to international programs and automates the work of the companies.

“Our service is a great opportunity for the experienced to expand the catalog of offers for promising educational programs. For newcomers to the market, this is a quick start and an opportunity to increase their market expertise and increase sales. For local educational agencies, working with our service is 3 to 5 times better than the usual way of selling,” commented the project’s author Beimbet Babiyev.

These two projects are among the 33 startups that became the participants of the seventh wave of the Astana Hub online acceleration program that chose the best. According to the technology park’s press service, applications for participation in the contest came not only from Kazakh innovators, but also from Central Asian countries. Inventors from Israel, Ukraine and even the United States also tried their luck.




Photo: bilimdinews.kz