Kazakhstan is set to develop regional technoparks

Kazakhstan is set to develop regional technoparks

The international technopark of IT startups ‘Astana Hub’ launched regional partners development program. Regional technology parks, accelerators, incubators and coworking spaces will receive a support from the Astana Hub – it will not only share the knowledge and experience with them, but also will provide the regions with the tools in the form of educational courses, methodology, as well as expert support of projects. The Astana Hub has no doubt that the regional technoparks might be interested in the offer, because the technopark, which is located in the Kazakh capital, has the necessary skills and competences. This will give regional technoparks the opportunity to avoid making their own mistakes and to get advice directly from the professionals. In addition, the program participants will get tax preferences and a simplified visa regime.

The participants, who have registered to the program and signed the agreement with us, will receive tax preferences, such as VAT (value added tax) at 0 percent and IIT (individual income tax) at 0 percent, as well as the special visa regime for foreign labor importation. These are the unique benefits. The process of applying to the program is fully digitalized. The application form is available online in the public domain. The IT companies located in the regions of Kazakhstan that meet the necessary requirements can apply for the program for free from any place they can. The board members will review the application remotely. Then, we will send a contract and a certificate, so the company could apply for the tax preferences in the state institutions,” said Adlet Nurgozhin, the Astana Hub Executive Director.

The Astana Hub hopes that the implementation of the program will give impetus to the development of technoparks across the whole country, which will attract the new critical mass to the IT community of Kazakhstan. This means that there will be more innovators who will be able to implement and monetize their ideas. The program participants will always be up to date with the latest IT news, insights and advice from the foreign partners of the Astana Hub.

In 2019, the Astana Hub visited all of the large regional technology parks and met with the local IT communities. These guys are eager to implement and develop their projects. We would like to help those guys. We have established the work process in terms of attracting investment. There is a business angels club created at our initiative. We are cooperating with the international venture funds and various clubs. We help startups in every possible way to present their ideas and projects to various venture investors,” Nurgozhin said.

Adlet Nurgozhin says that the program will help develop the innovation ecosystem in Kazakhstan, which, as a living organism, cannot exist only in the capital and large cities. This must be a single IT community of the country. The Astana Hub believes that all the communication channels in the regions should be involved in the program implementation.



Photo:  bilim.expert