Robots and safety certificates: foreign hotel business adapts to the new reality

Robots and safety certificates: foreign hotel business adapts to the new reality

Coronavirus pandemic made hotel business adapt to the new realities. Thus, a hotel for people infected with COVID-19, which was opened in Tokyo, has robot staff providing service for safety. The robots keep the hotel clean and also care for patients.

 “We wanted to use robotics to create the most comfortable and pleasant environment in the hotel. For example, we use a cleaning robot in the lobby that is considered a red zone due to the high level of danger. They are convenient because people do not need to put themselves at risk and clean the hotel,” said Tokyo government spokesperson Naoko Kubota.

Hotels in Turkey significantly strengthened safety measures as well. They will operate only if they have a so-called “health certificate”. All hotel staff will pass a special epidemiological training. Arriving guests must have a certificate with negative result of the COVID-19 testing.

We will prepare the staff as soon as we get the safety certificates. Tourist season in Cesme will begin only in the pilot mode as soon as we meet the necessary standards. Those who rent apartments in the season will have to adapt to the new realities as well. Starting from May, lessors will be able to clean the premises only 24 hours after guests leave and only with approved disinfectants. Guests should be received three days after,” said Mayor of Cesme Ekrem Oran.

Hotels in New York will also disinfect rooms for three days. Visitors’ body temperature should be measured when they come in. It is also not allowed to enter the elevator car more than one person at a time.

We check the body temperature of the visitors and ask them how they are feeling. If everything is alright, we give them hand sanitizers and stickers stating that they are checked and healthy. The stickers are colorful, we give them out every day. This is a new reality both for us and for our visitors. That’s why we introduced restrictions and tried to make them simple and understandable while we work and until the situation changes,” said hotel manager Rudy Tauscher.