School teachers in Kazakhstan take free online digital literacy courses

School teachers in Kazakhstan take free online digital literacy courses

The teachers in Kazakhstan take online courses to increase their digital literacy. The training, which is free of charge, was organized by the participants of the international techno-park of IT startups ‘Astana Hub’.

Previously, our coaches travelled to schools and conducted trainings there. The courses were paid then. Starting from March 13, we began receiving a lot of requests from teachers and the school leaders. We decided to transfer the work of our organization to the online format due to the announced state of emergency amid the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Our goal is to train as many teachers as possible to work with digital tools,” said project manager Aizhan Arshabayeva.

Currently, more than 15,000 users from 28 Kazakh schools are connected to the web portal. The online service allows conducting video conferences with 250 users simultaneously and making live broadcasts for 100,000 people.

I would like to express my gratitude to the online course organizers. I learned a lot of useful information. The main thing that I like is that I can get a timely professional help. I am looking forward for the new online lessons,” said Raziya Sultanova, a teacher at the city school in Nur-Sultan.

Soon, the course organizers will start the second wave of online classes and will form new groups of course listeners. This time, they intend to cover all regions of Kazakhstan and allow access to the digital literacy training for all schools in the country.