Young Kazakh entrepreneurs talk about their innovative projects

Young Kazakh entrepreneurs talk about their innovative projects

Smart locks, neural network automation and a single online platform of professionals – young software engineers from Kazakhstan continue to come up with innovative startups, one after another. The projects of the Kazakh programmers become popular not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other CIS countries and even in Europe. Our team conducted an interview with three entrepreneurs, who told about ways to come up with innovative ideas and create startups, which will help people solve their problems, with only a computer and gadgets at hand.

Smart locks as a solution against scammers and infections

Kanat Keldibekov developed a mobile application, using which people can remotely manage their real estate property and rent out apartments. While being a landlord himself he faced a lot of problems in this field. Then he came up with the idea to automate the whole process - the young entrepreneur invented smart locks.

We have the largest selection of smart locks in the CIS. The idea of this startup came to my mind when I was involved in renting out apartments. While doing this business, I faced various problems such as tenants losing the apartment keys or willing to check-in late at night. My colleagues also had situations when their employees rented an apartment out to clients without informing the boss and took all the money,” Keldibekov says.

Thus, the idea, initially developed for the personal needs, became useful to others. Keldibekov installed the smart locks on the doors of 30 apartments: 20 in Moscow and 10 in Nur-Sultan. Within four months, these apartments were rented more than 2,000 times and allowed to save the landlords thousands of dollars. The startup project became even more in demand during the coronavirus lockdown. Landlords use the services of the Keldibekov’s project to rent out their apartments. The startup helps landlords to ensure safety and save the money on the staff salaries. In addition, this service allows avoiding the unnecessary communication and contacts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All professionals in one place

Denis Davydov and his friends launched a single platform for professionals. The mobile application can help to find an expert in a particular area in a matter of minutes, including photographers or IT architects. Opening a business, the entrepreneurs always try to satisfy their needs first. The same happened to Davydov. Spending a lot of time working on various large-scale projects, he often needed the help of other experts, but he had no clue where to find the highly qualified professionals in a short period of time.

That was the moment when I came up with this idea. I came to the conclusion that I need to solve all my problems at once and started developing the project on creating a network of the competent experts in different areas. I approached this idea seriously. I wanted to come up with a comprehensive product. A person willing to join our network of experts has to undergo an accreditation and an interview first. This procedure helps our service to guarantee the professionalism of the experts and to cut off people with low-level competencies. In addition to our main platform, we are developing an application for selecting and searching for the necessary experts,’ Davydov said. 

The startup team consists of the young professionals full of innovative ideas. They all have a unique approach to things and unquenchable enthusiasm. The startup developers have already gathered an impressive expert base, launched the platform and received the Astana International Financial Center’s residency. The team even received the grants for Microsoft Azure IT products, as well as Amazon products. The platform of experts is absolutely free for all users.

Robots instead of cartographers: a platform for creating maps

A 25-year-old Anuar Nurzhanov doesn’t charge people for using his startup too. Along with his team, he launched a platform for automating the processes of creating maps and plans for various purposes. This software allows experts to easily create computer vision models. Putting it simpler, nowadays maps and GIS products are made using satellite images and photographs taken by drones, and then various objects are drawn on those photographs, including houses, streets and water bodies. Typically, this is done manually by cartographic engineers. Nurzhanov offers to automate the process with a robot.

 “This is a very time-consuming process that requires a lot of funding. We decided to create a neural network that recognizes and draws various objects on satellite images by using a computer vision technology in order to help map makers. Our team started developing software and founded a startup in the beginning of 2019. This is how our project came about. Our product will allow cartographers and GIS specialists to automatically recognize and create vector objects in satellite images, which will significantly facilitate the process of creating maps and reduce financial costs,” Nurzhanov said. 

The neural network can draw 4,135 contours of buildings in five minutes of work, while the cartographer only 36. Thus, what the neural network will do in one day, the cartographer will have to draw for nearly five months.

The neural network creates new opportunities – what used to seem impossible becomes possible. For example, what if someone wants to determine the exact number of cars on the road? If earlier a cartographer would have to mark each vehicle individually, now the neural network can do all the work in just a half an hour,” Nurzhanov said.

Such technology can be applied in agriculture, environmental monitoring, marketing and many other areas. Startup developers say that their project has already been tested and praised by the experts of these areas.