Turkistan region launches solar power plant

Turkistan region launches solar power plant
Kazakh Ministry of Energy press service reported that a solar power plant with a capacity of 4.8 megawatt was launched in Zhetysai district of Turkistan region. Bi-functional double-sided panels with a unit power of 375 watts were used during its construction. A tracker system will increase power plant output by up to 30 percent.
The ministry said that this project is consistent with the policy of “green” economy and contributes to industrial and innovative development of the country as well as reducing carbon emissions. The payback period of the project is seven years.
A total of 7,219,000 kilowatt are planned to be supplied to the network annually. Electricity is generated by 12,798 solar panels which are distributed on 158 movable "tables" on 81 solar modules. Four inverters are provided at the power plant to convert direct current to alternating current, each of which with a unit capacity of 1,250 kilowatt. They are combined in a modular installation.
​Photo: 7kun.kz