Pandemic as a new opportunity: startup in Kazakhstan becomes popular in Russia and Europe

Pandemic as a new opportunity: startup in Kazakhstan becomes popular in Russia and Europe

Experts concluded that nowadays children become increasingly dependent on gadgets. Pupils have a lot of free time that they are happy to spend on games on smartphones. Programmers in Kazakhstan launched a new mobile application to help parents who faced a problem of self-organization and discipline of their teenagers. The app provides information on where a child is and what he or she is doing to reduce the level of anxiety. A child does simple tasks in the app and receives virtual coins that he or she can exchange for gifts. List of the tasks for children are created by the developers and parents.

During the pandemic, in addition to the list of cases and tasks from the developer we included a content on coronavirus situation. For example, here are some of the tasks: “Watch a video about how to wash your hands properly” or “Watch a video: what are viruses?” By this content, we educate children on the relevant topic about viruses and actions during quarantine. Adults talk about coronavirus, while children are just told to stay home without any explanations. A child can understand what a virus and a quarantine are, how to wash hands properly and how to act in these times via the application,” said one of the project’s inventors Askhat Ashamanov.

The app involves different tasks from housework to school lessons and physical activity. Such motivation will teach a kid to be useful from childhood and to be able to solve any problems in the future. The app gives only positive results for everyone.

To date, more than 150,000 users downloaded the application, including 20 percent from Kazakhstan, 74 percent from Russia and six percent from European countries. A total of 25,000 active users have been registered since the launch of our KidSecurity service. We hope that we will help make the life of our current users easier and look forward to the new ones,” added Askhat Ashamanov.

The Kazakh startup became a participant of the Astana Hub acceleration programs. The project received grants and became a winner of many international competitions.