Technologies VS coronavirus: Kazakh programmers develop over 50 IT-solutions

Technologies VS coronavirus: Kazakh programmers develop over 50 IT-solutions

Kazakh programmers did not waste time during the state of emergency, developing dozens of new IT-solutions in a short term. People in Kazakhstan are already actively using them. The IT-solutions involve not only technological know-how, but also socio-economic forecasts that will help calculate in advance how effective were the measures taken by the state in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.

IT companies developed in total more than 53 projects. 15 of them are working in healthcare field, including MapCovid, RadiologyTrain, COVID-19 web-application and SmartAstana mobile app’s new option that monitors movements of those who contacted with infected people. Both medical staff and citizens can use these solutions to simplify the search for reliable information about the infected and people who contacted with them.

Nine more IT-solutions were launched in public services. They are already popular among Kazakhstan’s users. For example, to date, 777 people were inspected via an online questionnaire on preliminary self-diagnosis of coronavirus symptoms. The most relevant solution of IT specialists was the opportunity to save electronic digital signatures (EDS) for citizens online. Since the beginning of the year, three million citizens have received EDS without leaving their homes. Programmers also automated the application for social benefit of 42,500 tenge (US$97). Five million people filed applications for the social benefit via Telegram bots.

Many projects were created to support entrepreneurship. One of them is remote authentication service Digital ID that helps to provide various services online, including,, AituHome, OnayBazar,, HappyFood.

Seven applications started working in educational area as well, involving well-known Bilimland, Kundelik, Univer, Platonus or Darynonline.